DIY Bathroom Plumbing - Installing a New Showerhead

A shower plumbing job is a fantastic starter project for any range of factors. No special tools are needed, the crucial parts are fairly close to a size fits all, and should you make a mistake and have a flow, the one thing that gets wet is the shower/bathtub. This is the best job for the novice house remedy aide to begin with and can normally be done in well under one hour.

The very first step is to choose which sort of shower head that you would like to substitute. While most shower fittings link to a normal size pipe thread, you need to be certain to have sufficient clearance to your new showerhead. If the stem (the section of the pipe in the wall into the present shower head) is brief or near the ceiling, that you are going to want to check before buying a huge fixture.

The Tools You'll Need - For this particular project, you'll require a wrench or pliers plus some teflon tape. Depending on the time of your current fixture, you might also have to get a pipe wrench available too. You Might Also Want to have something accessible to protect your fixture in the jaws of the pliers or wrench (a folded rag or piece of rubber in an interior tube work nicely) If the fixture doesn't easily unscrew, utilize two varieties of pliers/wrenches (together with the jaws of every shielded as indicated above), then 1 place on the stem and another around the fixture.

Employ equal pressure to both sides until the showerhead begins to move. Take care to not use too much pressure since you don't wish to split the stem or present showerhead. When the shower head begins to turn you need to have the ability to get rid of it by hand. This will aid the new showerhead put in easily, give a fantastic seal, also make it easier in the future should you ever need to substitute the shower head. Be certain not to over-tighten whenever you're installing this particular - hand tight and a half or quarter turn is most likely all you want. When you've bought a more complex fixture such as a shower massage mat you might have a couple bits to put in. Be certain you employ Teflon tape to all or any connections (unless otherwise defined by the producer) to guarantee a fantastic seal.

Evaluation It - Before placing away your tools and jumping in the shower require a couple of minutes to be certain that the job is finished. Turn to the water and assess every one of those links for leaks. If you discover any, usually they'll be repaired by tightening the relationship another half or quarter turn. When it doesn't tackle the problem, you might have to look for a lost or washer.

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